Top Employment Offer Forms List

Employment offer forms are required by the hiring company when having interview and thereafter the hire process begins, so that the candidate will be prepared and ready to start a new career. As a would-be-worker, you may want to ensure that there is glitch and missing documents that would stall the hiring process. There are employment forms such as job applications, W-2 forms, an I-9 form, and a W-4 form.

Usually employer provides these forms when the hiring process starts, but it is always good idea to get the copy at hands so you could begin your work immediately once you get a job offer from the company.

Job Application Forms

Most hiring company will require candidates to fill out a job application even for the top level position. This way they could keep the record of candidate's experience and education history. As an applicant, you would need to provide detailed information and dates of past employment and education, including credentials and certifications if any. As a proof of your education degree, you might be required to provide college transcripts during this hiring process.

W2 Forms

Every employer is required to complete a Form W-2 for their employees so that the record of salary, wage or other compensation is stated as part of the employment relationship. In case the employee works in multiple stats, employers will print out multiple copies of W-2 forms to report that the pay are divided to each state.

W-4 Form

This form is used to withhold the correct amount of federal income tax from your paycheck. It will be completed by you as an employee, and you need to let your employer know how much tax would need to be withheld.

Once you are hired, you are required to complete this form to prove that you are legally entitled to work in the United States. This is called an Employment Eligibility Verification form, and it must be completed and kept secured on file by the employer. You are required to make original document verifying that you are eligible to work.

Many times, a job offer may be made orally, either in person or over the phone, or in writing. Usually it is done over the phone, so the hiring employer doesn't lose the chance of getting quality worker by some other employers while officially written offer is still in the mail.

Regardless of the job offer form, employer won't make any promise or statements that can be construed as promises that the candidate cannot intend to keep because those statements can lead to expensive litigation when the employer decides to terminate the employee, among which disability discrimination in employment is included.

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